Lack Of Diversity In SB Nation Resulted In Story On Daniel Holtzclaw

The sports website SB Nation’s profile on rapist Daniel Holtzclaw was to tarnish black women, who are being raped by police officers.

SB Nation published a story in February about Daniel Holtzclaw, a police officer from Oklahoma sentenced to 263 years in prison for multiple counts of rape, sexual battery, forcible oral sodomy, which raised alarm for criticism. The article represented the predator as a good sportsman and a nice guy.

It was, however, deleted from the website in less than 24 hours and was replaced with an apology note, implying that the article was “tone deaf” and “a complete failure.”

Spencer Hall, Editorial Director of the SB Nation, said in a letter published on Thursday that “the site’s lack of diversity exposed blind spots.”

Hall said, “If there is one key, unmistakable take away from the Holtzclaw story, it is that an organization cannot afford to wait to be diverse, particularly if that organization is one that wants to tell stories.”

He said that the terrific report will be the first step the site and its associate sites will take to mend things right, although thousands of people have already read the article and possibly started to sympathize with rapist Holtzclaw.

People like Holtzclaw should not be kept in the society. These cops vowed to protect citizens, but they instead rape and brutalize innocent children and women in communities.

The lack of diversity in all the fields of life also requires additional attention, as we can not tolerate justification of the criminals.

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