Michael Tubbs, First Black Mayor in History of Stockton, CA

26-year-old Michael Tubbs elected as the first black mayor in Stockton, California

2016 presidential elections this Tuesday wasn’t even remotely great, but it can bring us some good news. Stockton, Ca elected as their mayor Micheal Tubbs and he became the first Black mayor in history of this city. In addition to that he’s also the youngest one to held this position. More details are below.


STOCKTON — City Councilman Michael Tubbs appeared certain to become Stockton’s first black mayor Tuesday night, vaulting to a resounding lead over incumbent Anthony Silva, who seemed all but resigned to the outcome early in the evening.

Tubbs, 26, also appeared headed to becoming Stockton’s youngest mayor, and he noted that many at his downtown victory party were younger still than he.

“We have a great opportunity to show the nation, ‘How do you reinvent yourself?’ ” Tubbs told the audience, which included his beaming mother seated in the front row.

“I’m tired of talking about where we’ve been. I’m more interested in talking about where we’re going. We have to mature as a community and start demanding solutions.”

Silva, 41, began his evening touring the city in a recreational vehicle, then headed for his home in north Stockton. He issued what amounted to a concession statement in a text message early in the evening.


“The people have spoken,” Silva said. “I respect the will of the people. I want to thank everyone who believed in me and stood by me.

“My heart will always belong to Stockton. I will always be remembered as the People’s Mayor and I will support the new mayor and I will ask my supporters to also support him and help us make Stockton an amazing city.”

Tubbs finished with a 40-percentage point victory margin: 70.4 to 29.6. See more

Micheal Tubbs is a living proof that black people can achieve anything despite of society’s beliefs. Black mayor will help black communities to prosper and will serve as an example for others. Do not give up fight because you lost one fight, help each other like Thubbs is going to do and we will guarantee a different future for us.

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