Heal The World, Make It A Better Place…

On the day when during Earth hour people pay attention to the environmental issues we'd like to speak about the Black communities trying to heal the world.

Fighting for something is a part of the daily routine in many Black communities. People fight for freedom, equality and justice. Some fight for the good environment too, though it’s sad to acknowledge that these attempts to heal the world are not always based on pure initiative… Many Black groups have to cope with environmental issues to survive. You start thinking about Flint, don’t you? But there are some places you might have missed:

Cleveland is suffering from lead-contamination connected with lead-based paint used for painting many old houses.

Cancer Alley in Louisiana got its name of 150 in 1987 because of the numerous cases of cancer in the community, inexplicable illnesses and deaths. These were caused by lethal levels of toxins which have been released into the air and water by plants and refineries, located on an 85-mile stretch of land.

Predominantly Black inhabitants of Uniontown, Ala., have health issues including respiratory problems, headaches, dizziness, nausea and vomiting stemming from coal ash containing chemical elements such as arsenic, mercury, lead and boron and other industrial waste from 33 states which is routinely accepted by local Arrowhead Landfill.

Baltimore‚Äôs Curtis Bay neighborhood is home to a medical-waste incinerator, a coal pier that covers the area in soot and several chemical plants. As a result, it suffers from the worst levels of air pollution in the state. Despite that, there are plans to continue constructing waste disposal facilities not far from local schools.

Last year high lead levels in the drinking water were registered in 30 Newark schools. It took local administration quite a lot of time to find a solution.

There is a nonprofit organization Black Belt Citizens Fighting for Health and Justice which helps people from poor Black communities cope with bad ecology but they can’t be everywhere. We hope that you spent this Earth Hour looking around and thinking what you can do to heal the world.

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