Shocking Video Reveals True Face Of Campus Police

The shocking video shows inhumane treatment of a hospital patient.

A shocking video released in the beginning of this month shows a male officer taking a female patient in a wheelchair along Georgia Avenue and then unexpectedly turning over and emptying the chair in the extremely rude way.  Two officers are calmly watching the poor women collapse on the sidewalk and then walk away. What is more horrifying, these people are Black. The passers-by are astounded.

The official statement of the university says, “Howard University has worked diligently and swiftly to investigate this matter. To date, our findings have resulted in decisive action, including the dismissal of three of the individuals involved. We are continuing with our training efforts to ensure this never happens again.”

What already happened is just awful, now you see how police service can harden the heart and poison the soul not only of a white but of a Black person too just because there can be no logical explanation of the incident.

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