Initial reports said Lang was stabbed in the back several time, however, new reports made no mention of these wounds, neither did it talk about “the knife” used in the stabbing.

Activist John Lang was brutally executed on January 20th, exactly three days after he predicted that Fresno Police Department would try to kill him. On January, 14, days to his death, Lang took to Facebook where he mysteriously predicted he was going to be murdered.

On his Youtube channel Lang carefully documented what he considered a major threat to his life. With video recordings and careful analysis Lang elaborated on what he felt might possibly lead to something bad happening to him or his death.

Lang was found stabbed and dead in his apartment by a fire squad when neighbors of Lang reported that Langs house was on fire. Initially, investigators had it that Lang mysteriously stabbed himself and then set his house on fire – something almost impossible to do considering he would be bleeding after allegedly stabbing himself.

Fresno Police Department officer Lt. Joe Gome commented in an interview following Lang’s death saying, “Unknown if the stab wounds caused the death or the smoke inhalation, it’s too early to tell.” However, last week ABC30 announced that County Coroner’s office declared John Lang’s death – a suicide.

Not surprisingly, the corrupt media and police department downplayed on Langs fears.

After the FBI and Department of Justice consistently refused to heed to Langs fears that he might be killed, it can be concluded that Lang was not only targeted by the Fresno Law Enforcement, but by a coalition of “evil-doers-in-power.”

Lang was brutally murdered and it’s a fact. This goes to show how unsafe public activists are, both black and white. Activists are the only people who stand tall to face corrupt government and corrupt judicial systems, as well as the corrupt cops.

Corrupt Fresno cops will try to spread perceptions that Lang killed himself in order to serve as a police activist martyr, but the general public can read in between the lines.

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