The Black Slavery was a mistake! Everything could have been different!

The Black slavery was just an accident and the random event. If Black people discovered the power of a whip before White people the world would be different.

Let us play the game called “what if…” What if black people were the first to understand that their weapons and strength can make other people serve them for free aka be their slaves? What if we were the first to act at the right moment and be in the right place?

We all know that the racism in America has very deep roots. It was built for hundreds of years and it started with white rich owners of plantations enslaving black people. The hard work, tortures, horrible conditions, life in chains and the constant presence of a whip ready to punish a slave for almost everything or just for fun. It all resulted in black people feeling oppressed long after those horrible years were over and white people feeling superior to the black community.

The story of the American Black community is like a story of a kid who had been chained in a basement from his birth and suddenly they unchained him and let out. Without a profession and the skills of socialization, the kid is destined to become a lowlife with no future. That’s the result of the slavery for a Black society!

But what if something went differently in history and Black people discovered the power of a whip first? Would there be only one white president in the history of America and only several white Oscar nominees? Would we have the best job positions, the best houses, the best schools for our kids? Would we be able to feel secure in our own homes and in the streets of our cities? Would we be able to live out our dreams and to enjoy the life without prejudice and violence? Dear friends, I’ve got the good news for you. We do still have the opportunity to change the history and our fates! Right moment: right now; right place: the protests and rallies for our rights! Join in the fight!

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