Stop Police Brutality: Black Is Back Coalition Rally In Defense Of Black Resistance

Black is Back Coalition took to the streets of Philadelphia in protests to stop police brutality and in defense of Black resistance.

The Black Community Control of Police Working Group of the Black is Back Coalition, together with numerous members of the Black community rallied in defense of African resistance and protested to stop police brutality on September 22.

The main reason for the rally was to stand in defense of African resistance fighter Nicholas Glenn, who was executed by police officers after the police claimed the victim allegedly ambushed and killed an officer on September 16. The rally took place at the scene of the shooting, at 52nd and Samson Streets in West Philadelphia.

The Coalition believed the rally was a very important step in standing up against the police force, which has been responsible for several shootings of Black people in recent times. The police have been getting away with murdering Black people for so long, thus the Coalition’s belief that they are a domestic military colonial occupation force.

The Black is Back Coalition believes that there is an occupying military force known as the police in the Black community – and they have got every right to resist the presence of the force.
The standard demands of the protest are as follows:

1. Black self-determination.
2. Black community control of police
3. Right to armed self-defense of the African community
4. Immediate charges/arrest against/of the police officers involved in the killing of Nicholas Glenn and an independent investigation of the events that led up to his murder.

There have been so many cases of police violence and police brutality that have seen the officers involved not held accountable for their actions. This just spurs them on to keep killing innocent Black people for no reason at all. It could be said that the police already have hatred and disrespect for the Black community, therefore making it easier for cops to eliminate Blacks, knowing that they won’t be punished for their vile deeds.

Source: The Burning Spear
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