Mass Incarceration Of Blacks

Mass incarceration of African-Americans is an urgent problem of modern society.

Many have heard about the mass incarceration of Black people in America but most prefer to see it as the inevitable evil. Here two main questions arise. Is the level of incarceration really so big? Is the Black community so criminalised? Two short clips below produced by The Atlantic will give you the answers you need. The first one is the animated interview, in which the sociologist, Bruce Western, explains the current inevitability of prison for certain demographics of young Black men and how it’s become a normal life event. “We’ve chosen the response of the deprivation of liberty for a historically aggrieved group, whose liberty in the United States was never firmly established, to begin with,” Western says.

In the second one, Ta-Nehisi Coates explores how mass incarceration has affected African-American families. “There’s a long history in this country of dealing with problems in the African American community through the criminal justice system,” he says in this animated interview. “The enduring view of African Americans in this country is as a race of people who are prone to criminality.”

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