Another Noose Found on National Mall

That what terrorists do: another noose found near museum on National Mall

Surely with all of the camera surveillance as well as several branches of police (federal, local, military, etc.) patrolling one of the most tourist laden places in these United States, one would think that there would be an arrest or some movement in this noose-hanging frenzy going on all over the National Mall.

However, these noose placing cretins have been able to move about and do their dastardly, not to mention cowardly, acts with no repercussion thus far.

And so, perhaps emboldened, USA Today reports that there was yet another noose found on the national mall on Saturday evening, this time near the National Gallery of Art, hanging from a light post.

 Who’s on the case—Inspector Clouseau? Or maybe it’s just not a priority. Or maybe for those more cynical, perhaps an inside job? I mean that is what any logical person might assume.

The continued placement of these terror symbols is a mar on the United States as well as the police protecting our most prominent monuments.

So far there have been no arrests in the 4 to 5 nooses placed on or near the National Mall and in and around Washington, D.C., in the last few weeks, but police say they’re on it — and “investigating” this latest incident.

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