Activists Encouraged: Join BM Team To Combat Racism, Injustice And Inequality.

Time with BlackMattersUS Activist Nolan Hack on the “Listen up” talk show

Our favorite radio talk show, “Listen Up” hosted one of our prime activists, Nolan Hack. It was a weekend of great insight into what BlackMattersUS stands for.

To those of you who are new to the Talk show, “Listen Up” is a show created to inform, educate and enlighten the public on pressing societal issues and it is hosted by Vanessa Zeliya.

This past weekend’s edition featured Nolan Hack who touched on a few works of BlackMattersUS. BlackMattersUS is a nonprofit news outlet that delivers raw and original information on the most urgent issues important to the African-American community.

BlackMattersUS aims at defending the Black race in the United States of America. The movement also aims at telling the bold truth about racism, inequality and injustice that the mainstream media keeps out of the open.

On the talk show, Nolan Hack spoke about his Activist work on Kevin Cooper. The Audience was taken down the memory lane of the case of Kevin Cooper:

In 1985, Kevin cooper, a Black American was convicted of murdering a white family in the Dachino host area in California in the year 1983. This case has a long history of police misconduct, constitutional violation, prosecution withholding evidence and evidence tempering.

The case continued down the years where five judges warned the State of California that the State was about to execute an innocent man. In the year 2009, the U.S Supreme Court upheld the 9th Circuit Court denial of Kevin Cooper’s Appeal and he remains on death roll even till today.

On this historical account, BlackMattersUS Activist, Nolan Hack has taken the fight upon himself to seek justice for Cooper.

Cooper’s case is one of the classical cases that BlackMattersUS seek to address in the lives of Blacks on daily bases.

We ask all activists to come on board , join the winning team so that with a stronger unified  voice we could fight racism, injustice and inequality.

Listen to the interview and join our team here.

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