Racist And Abusive Officer Still in Office

Officer Jared Williams who manhandled a Black teenage girl, Monique Tillman without any provocation is still in the service.

A May 2014 incident which was captured on a surveillance camera sent shivers down the spine of many. The footage captured one officer Jared Williams aggressively abusing a Black teenage girl, Monique Tillman and her brother, Eric Branch for doing absolutely no wrong. The Tacoma police officer, who was not on duty on that fateful day, stopped the Black kids as they rode their bike along the Tacoma Mall and as though it was a reflex action, started abusing them.

According to the lawyer of the Ms. Tillman, Vito de la Cruz, there has been an upgrade to the lawsuit which now has included the Tacoma police department, its chief, two other defendants, another officer and a security guard.

The statement released by attorney de la Cruz stated that “Given that Officer Williams’ conduct was committed under color of law as a police officer for the Tacoma Police Department, the Plaintiffs have alleged federal and state civil rights violations in their amended complaint.” It further states that “At the core of the complaint is the excessive force used and illegal arrest made by Tacoma Police Officer Williams and others against Ms. Tillman and her brother Eric Branch.”

Surprisingly, Officer Williams still maintains his position in the service. No disciplinary action has been taken against him by the police department. The police department seems to protect their officers and is always reluctant to punish them for wrongdoing. Rather, they often charge arrestees for resisting arrest when in actual sense they are the ones who use unwarranted and excessive force on harmless citizens.

No wonder cops feel they have the right to abuse Black people. They are hailed and pat at the back for violating the rights of Black people. Police brutality is disgusting; we experience it almost every day. On the other hand, the government seems to be unconcern about the entire horror. We will continue to stand up against these inhuman practices. Our lives matter!

Source: Registercitizen, WashingtonPost

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