Cop Caught On Camera Brutalizing Black Girl For Riding Bicycle

Family of a 17-year-old Monique Tillman is suing a white police officer for brutally beating their daughter in 2014.

According to reports, Tillman and her brother were heading home on bicycles when a cop, Jared Williams, followed them as they cut through a mall parking lot.

Tillman and her brother stopped to explain that they live in the neighborhood and that they normally pass through that parking lot, but the white officer wasn’t just satisfied with their excuses.

So Officer Williams grabbed Tillman by the hair, jerked her off her bicycle and in fractions of seconds, the poor little unarmed black girl was already on the ground shocked by taser. The incident was all captured on a surveillance camera and was recently released.

Williams arrested the 15-year-old teen and charged her with “resisting arrest and assault on an officer”, which was later dismissed by the court after viewing the video.

However, Tillman’s attorney filed a lawsuit over the week against Officer Williams, the private security company, who is in charge of Tacoma Mall security and the Tacoma Mall owners, Simon Property Group.

We now think of the possibilities of our children not ever returning home the second they leave the house. Black children cannot pass through a mall parking lot, it’s a crime or they can’t play outside with a toy gun, they will be dead the next minute.

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