Black Students Of Georgian University To Be Disenfranchised

“We have had students in the past not being able to vote on election day because they completed a form with an unauthorized person and were never properly registered,” Dean of Students for Kennesaw State University, Michael Sanseviro recounted.

Black students of Kennesaw State University stand the risk of losing their vote in this year’s general elections if care isn’t taken. The activities of some persons parading themselves as voter registrars on the Georgian university campus has come  to the knowledge of school authorities.

Kennesaw State University, Georgia has been invaded by some people who claim to be registering eligible voters for the upcoming November polls, Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

The activities of these ‘unauthorized’ voter registrars has been noticed by school authorities, hence students have been advised to be cautious. Michael Sanseviro, Dean of Students at KSU on Tuesday morning issued a statement to warn students of the ‘unauthorized’ voter registration drive on campus. He added that the individuals involved in the practice have not been given permission by the school to engage in such activities.

The Dean of Students further revealed that these individuals might be targeting a specific student population. According to AJC, an anonymous student disclosed that the voter registration scheme seems to target Black students.

Furthermore, Senseviro added that the school has had to deal with similar problems of fraudulent voter registration schemes in the past.

He said in his statement, “We have had students in the past not being able to vote on Election Day because they completed a form with an unauthorized person and were never properly registered.” He also added that “We are committed to ensuring all eligible KSU students have the proper access and opportunity to participate in the democratic process.”

University officials have further entreated students who might have fallen prey to the fraudulent activity to go ahead and complete the online voter registration form, WSB-TV reports. They said that in this way, a student may be eligible to cast his or her vote on Election Day.

It is no surprise at all the Black people are the ones targeted for disenfranchisement. Studying the electoral history of our country, you will know that Black people were not allowed to vote until some years back. It is clear that none of the candidates seems to appeal to the Black community so they want to deprive us of our civic responsibility. First, it was a racially discriminatory law on voter registration and now false voter registration. Racism in America raises its ugly head in every aspect of its system.

Source: Atlanta Black Star

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