Amazon Finally Decides To Offer Same-Day Delivery To Black Neighborhoods In Boston

Tech giant, Amazon, over the week finally decided to offer their same day delivery service to Roxbury, a predominantly black neighborhood.

After a publication on the diversity ratio of Amazon’s work force by Bloomberg, state officials called on the company to expand into Roxbury. Bloomberg noted that black neighborhoods in several cities have been shut out from the company’s same day delivery service.

Over the week, the Amazon said in a statement: “We are actively working with our local carrier to enable service to the Roxbury neighborhood in the coming weeks. Once completed, Prime members in every zip code in Boston, including the Roxbury neighborhood, will receive Prime Free Same-Day Delivery, in addition to existing Free Two-Day and One-Day shipping options.

On Tuesday April 26, Boston Mayor, Marty Walsh confirmed on Twitter Amazon’s decision to include Roxbury to their free delivery service.

Previously, Amazon decided not to offer same-day delivery service to some black neighborhoods including Roxbury, which, according to statistics, is one of the poorest neighborhoods in the county with over 80 percent population of blacks. Is it because of the lack of diversity ratio of employees or Amazon is just as racist as other rich companies? Nevertheless they should offer the same level of service to each district no matter what is the skin color of its residents.

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