Professional Black Girl: Video Series Celebration of Black Feminism

“We do not subscribe to what ‘respectability’ gatekeepers call black-girl stereotypes,” - Dr. Yaba Blay, creator of ‘Professional Black Girl’ series.

The originator of Professional Black Girl, Dr. Yaba Blay is an undoubtedly number one voice when it comes to beauty politics.
As an activist, she has done so well to bring to light the very uniqueness of a Black woman. She did a number of projects to confirm her supreme love for African- American women.

Notably amongst her fight for Black women are (1)ne Drop project—to affirming melanin as black and beautiful as the universe with Pretty Period. She is indeed all one can say about the value of Melanin.

Black women have really dazzled society with their illuminating beauty. Dr Yaba continued and said “the terminology that is often used to describe and define black girls—such as ‘bad,’ ‘grown,’ ‘fast,’ ‘ghetto’ and ‘ratchet’—are non-affirming and are words that are intended to kill the joy and magic within all black girls.”

Further quoting Dr Yaba word for word, she said “We are professional code-switchers, hair flippers, hip shakers and go-getters. We hold Ph.D.s and listen to trap music; we twerk and we work. We hold it down while lifting each other up, and we don’t have to justify or explain our reason for being. This is us.”

“We do not subscribe to what ‘respectability’ gatekeepers call black-girl stereotypes,” Blay continues. “We are Professional Black Girl prototypes.”

As a TV series, the full episode of Professional Black Girl, will air on Sept. 9 and will feature Blay. An episode of the series will air each Friday, on YouTube and Yabablay until Dec. 23, 2016.
We are delighted to note that this is novelty in showcasing the beauty of the African-American woman with all her unique qualities.

Source: TheRoot

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