Police Violence – One Of Many Untold Stories

Miriam Carey, a victim of police violence, becomes the main character of Garth Kant's new book.

A WND Washington bureau chief, Garth Kant has uncovered some critical hidden facts surrounding the death of an unarmed Black woman, Miriam Carey.  A 34-year-old woman was shot dead on October 3, 2013, in Washington D.C by U.S. Capitol police.

Kant, who didn’t seem to appreciate the light manner, in which her death was handled by the authorities and civil rights movement groups, took it upon himself to delve into the case and disclose the truth.

Almost 3 years since the demise of Carey, Kant has completed his fact-finding expedition and documented all his revelations into a book he titled, “Capitol Crime: Washington’s Cover-up of the Killing of Miriam Carey.” In this book, he brought to light how the state and the police covered-up their flaws in handling the whole situation that led to the death of the unarmed Black mother.

Kant’s review of the entire circumstance leading to the death of Carey rubbished the police’s initial claim. He said, “When the police came out, they told us that somebody had tried to breach security at the White House, that they had rammed the barricade, that they weren’t sure yet, but they think shots might have been fired at the White House, the suspect fled, led cops on a high-speed chase; None of that turned out to be true, but that was the story that everybody reported that day.”

According to Kant’s findings, Carey had some days off work and decided to drive to Washington D.C from Stamford, Connecticut with her daughter so they set off without telling anyone. She arrived in Washington and mistakenly took the entrance of the white house, which led to a series of restraining tactics by the police. After they failed, to stop her, they chased her down to Pennsylvania Ave. towards the Capitol where they shot and killed her.

Moreover, aftermath investigations by the police didn’t point to any criminal records in her name. “So it appears she didn’t try to breach security, she did not ram a gate, she did not run over an officer, she did not flee, and she did not lead them on a high-speed chase,” Kant said.

For us,  the above written is just a story from a book  or another old case of police violence towards Black people.  But this was just three years ago. At that time there was no serious investigation or mass media coverage of  Miriam’s death. She was unarmed and posed no threat, this poor Black mom just made a mistake, which cost her life. Can you remember her face today? And that’s exactly what police and other authorities hope for when trying to cover up their crimes – the more time passes in the course of investigations, searches and suspensions the more people forget about the victims of police violence.  Innocent Black people die at the hands of officers every other day, and there is no one to write books about them.

Source: WND
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