Charleston Anniversary: Should We Forgive The Shooter?

The very same day the year before Dylann Roof entered Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston with a gun and murdered 9 black parishioners.

Families of the victims still remember that day like it was yesterday. An awful crime motivated by racial hatred took lives of 9 innocent people, who were peacefully studying Bible on June 17, 2015.

Nadine Collier, a daughter of one of the victims, surprised many people last year when she stood up during the court and said that she forgave Dylann Roof for what he had done. Her words raised a philosophical question about whether Roof should be forgiven or not.  As passionate believers some of victims’ relatives have already forgiven the shooter.

Others don’t understand how this hateful crime could be ever forgiven, especially when murderer doesn’t show any repentance at all.

“I’m not bitter,” said Collier’s sister during an interview. “But I’m just not ready to forgive you if you don’t even act like you want to be forgiven.”

Well, of course, is a personal decision of every victim’s family member. The only fact we know for sure is that now Dylann Roof should be punished properly according the law. He faces lifelong imprisonment or death sentence for federal hate crime charges and a number of state charges.

According to the last poll most South-Carolinian African-Americans believe that Roof deserves life in prison without remission chance over death penalty.  It clearly shows how merciful black people are, they don’t want to see anyone’s blood but want justice to be restored.  However we can’t say the same about white Americans who usually advocate for the strictest punishment for all black offenders.

Dylan Roof is only a symptom of the disease spread through America.  He is a son of racist system which is stacked against black communities.

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