One More Mentally-Ill African-American Shot Dead By Police

Jamarion Rashad Robinson, 26, was shot dead by police at his apartment in the state of Georgia.

The incident occurred in East Point, a district not far from Atlanta on Friday afternoon.

According to the police spokesman, Cliff Chandler, the officers knocked the door of the diсeased to arrest him. He was suspected of assaulting police in Atlanta on July 28.

Robinson is said to refuse to leave his home and fire a shot in the course of an attempt to breach his front door.

None of the officers were injured so they claim to return fire. As a result, Robinson was killed.

The story would sound smooth but for some small details which resonate with pain in the hearts of many African-Americans.

Police are still not sure that on Friday they came for the right man. They still haven’t confirmed, Robinson was the suspect they were looking for.

Jamarion Rashad Robinson had schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, so he could not be considered fully conscious.

According to his grandmother, “he was seeing things and he heard things.” “He kept saying something was trying to kill him.”

Even after Baton Rouge events, police are still eager to continue killing Blacks. All the checks and investigations on them are nothing more but words. Once a day will come when African-Americans will get too tired of watching their brothers being brutalized and shot.

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