Glover’s ‘Atlanta’ Is Set To Reveal True Black Culture

“Wanted to show white people, you don’t know everything about black culture….,” Donald Glover, producer of the new comedy series, ‘Atlanta’ explains the idea behind the movie.


The new FX’s comedy series which is scheduled to be premiered on the 6th of September, 2016 seeks to make an exposé on the Black culture.

The movie centers on a Black guy, Earnest Marks who in an attempt to start a new life, takes up his cousin’s budding rap career. The antagonist of the movie, Earnest Marks is played by Donald Glover (aka musician Childish Gambino), the creator, and producer of the comedy series.


Glover explained in an interview that it was his aim to prove to the white people that they don’t know that much about Black culture as they think. He said, “wanted to show white people, you don’t know everything about the Black culture.  I know it’s very easy to feel that way. Like, I get it, you can hear about the ‘Nae Nae’ the day it comes out… You follow Hood Vines, and you have your one black friend and you think they teach you everything.”


Glover added that the movie is heavily represented by Black people. The new FX’s comedy series also boasts of an all Black writers’ room. The director of the movie is Hiro Murai, a Tokyo-born filmmaker.

Source: the Grio

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