Dramatic Life Of Roger Wilkins

On March 26, the multi-talented activist, Roger Wilkins, passed away at a nursing home in Kensington, Maryland, at the age of 85.

Roger Wilkins was born in Kansas City, Missouri in a middle-class family of a business manager of the city’s Black newspaper and a desegregation activist and a future president of the national YWCA. As you can guess, the young man was a natural born fighter for the rights of the Black people.



Overwhelming devotion and passion brought Wilkins a position of the head of the Community Relations Service in President Lyndon B. Johnson’s administration, a job in the Ford Foundation and later a Pulitzer Prize and a title of the Civil Rights Champion.

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His commentary, titled “A Black at the Gridiron Dinner,” tackling racism among nations most renowned journalists and politicians made Roger Wilkins a famous journalist.


We hope that Wilkins’ name will never be forgotten by the people he served to all his life. He’ll surely be missed by many.

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