Baltimore Cop Confesses Freddie Gray Sought Help

“Help! Help me up,” a Baltimore police officer, William Porter, Recalls some of the last words from Freddie Gray.

Jun. 14,2016


William Porter, Baltimore police officer involved in the death of the 25-year-old African-American Freddie Gray, testified during a trial of another officer, Caesar Goodson Jr., Monday, June 13 that Gray asked for help while he was transported in a police van, after being seriously beaten up and handcuffed.

Caesar Goodson Jr. is accused of  “rough ride”, as he allegedly applied to Gray a torture like practice, when a handcuffed detainee is placed in a van and the driver makes him fall over and bang on the walls while accelerating and braking harshly. Goodson also faces charges of second degree murder. Porter, who testified Monday, explained that after minutes to hours of reckless driving, he checked on Gray only to find that he was lying on his stomach in pain on the van’s floor.

I said, ‘What’s up?’ He said, ‘Help, ‘What do you need help with?’ ‘Help me up.’”

Just because Gray was black, the officers refused to give him medical help. All 5 of them were aware of the inhumane practice Goodson applied, still none of them called for a medical stop.

Gray collapsed and fell into a coma. Unfortunately, the poor handsome young man couldn’t return back to life, he died a week later as a result of the injuries to his spinal cord obtained during his arrest.

With regard to all the revealed facts, one thing obvious about the case is that, Goodson is guilty of murder, but he is not the only one. Though his frightened accomplices, especially William Porter, who is now waiting for retrial, try to do their best to shift all guilt to him.

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Baltimore Cop Confesses Freddie Gray Sought Help
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