Detroit’s Home Income Is Grimly Low

“No one let us know we were about to lose our house," Ann Mack said.

Residents of Detroit seem to have a different story from the rest of America when it comes to housing bills and mortgage rates. The city is yet facing a depressingly low home value.
A major factor which accounts for this is that the income level in Detroit is below the level. Most residents earn very low incomes after working so hard. Hence, although the prices of houses have dropped, inhabitants of Detroit cannot afford to buy. The opportunity to own homes lies within the means of the very few individuals who earn a good income.

In the city of Detroit, almost forty percent of its inhabitants are poor. Comparing this rate of impoverished residents to the total fifteen percent in America, it is obvious that the city has quite a higher rate of those who try to live from hand to mouth.
Detroit still records low household income comparing to other states in the U.S. San Francisco saw a rise in its household income from 2007 to 2014, moving from $68,000 in 2007 to $78,000 in 2014. The story is similar for other cities in the U.S.A. but Detroit recorded a drop rather in its household income, moving down to $26,000 from $28,000. This isn’t even up to half the nation’s median household income rate.

Due to conditions like this in the city of Detroit, Black couple Ann and Oscar Mack almost lost their home. The two had not been able to pay their property tax for some time now.
Their house which was situated on the Maiden Street in the eastern side of Detroit was already up for auction without their knowledge. It took the intervention of the United Community Housing Coalition to retrieve their property. The organization bought the house which was at a foreclosure auction and returned it to the family. Many residents of Detroit are faced with such situations. Many others are fighting foreclosures and evictions.

Ann Mack expressing her disappointment about the happening said, “No one let us know we were about to lose our house. Nobody ever came out and knocked on our door.”
In Detroit, residents are struggling to live and to pay taxes. A lot of people just don’t have jobs and authorities act like they don’t care if the family is going to stay homeless. Maybe because the majority of people are Black? The government needs to focus on pressing issues as these and show a helping hand to its citizens. Instead of spending the time to pass laws that only deepen racial segregation, policies should be made to ensure social equity.

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