Reasons Why Saying “All Lives Matter” Is BullS**t

It makes no sense to say “all lives matter”, after last week’s tragedy of police killing two Black men - Philando Castile and Alton Sterling.

When black people say their lives matter, they don’t imply that other lives don’t matter. What people need to understand from the slogan is that Black lives should not be made to believe that they are worthless, as seen in the past few days.
Every human life on the Earth should matter, regardless of race. But following the most recent events in our communities, it shows that not “all lives matter”.
Here are some of the reasons why saying #alllivesmatter is pointless.

Consider the case of Freddie Gray for a second. All the six police officers, who were involved in his death, went scot-free. And some of them will be paid for killing a Black man. With all these, how then can you say “all lives matter”?

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