Black Single Mother Sets Up Business: Sells Out In First 24 Hrs

“Our end goal is to have the shelves filled where we’re not spending half the day making it and then packaging it,” Nneka Brown said

The 27-year-old Black single mother who left the military a month ago has surprised many by her success story. Nneka Brown a Georgian resident has decided to start a college education this fall to pursue her dream of becoming a history teacher. Because of this, she came up with a business idea to raise some funds to support her dream.

The 27-year-old Black woman started an online retail store which she named “Innovative Supplies”. The online store supplies school teaching and learning materials such as notebooks which promote Blackness.

Miss Brown employed the services of Zola Arts Factory to create the “Be Unique” Black customized designs on the notebooks. The partnership between Innovative Supplies and Zola Arts Factory turned out to be an overnight success story. The online store sold out more than 8000 orders of custom-made notebooks.

The Georgian State Black woman explained that one of her goals is to give other Black people an opportunity to get assistance when starting their own business. This she intended to do saving the proceeds from her business in a Black-owned bank called Citizen Trust Bank. In this way, Black people can easily access funds to support their business instead of going through all the stress and restrictions in getting funds from other White-owned banks.

Moreover, the Army veteran also mentioned that among her aim is to give Black teenagers opportunity to gain experience in the working field. Nneka Brown works with her 16-year-old brother and his five other teenage friends. The CEO of Innovative Supplies says she looks forward to working with more teenagers. Currently, the teen stuff works for 5 hours but will be working for three hours when school resumes.

The Single Black mother disclosed that she is planning on purchasing a machine that automatically binds and coils 600 notebooks per hour. She said; “Our end goal is to have the shelves filled where we’re not spending half the day making it and then packaging it.” It is her dream and goal to see her notebooks on the shelves of all bookstores and in schools.

This is another good example exhibited by a brave Black woman. It is important that Black people invest in each other and take their development into their own hands. She tries to develop a Black-owned bank so that the community can benefit from it.
Another inspiring thing too is that she is providing Black teens with jobs so they can gain experience, which they won’t have gotten anywhere else other than in some eateries.

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