Rule Targets Prosecutors Who Don’t Reveal Innocence Evidence

The U.S. Bar has passed a post-conviction rule which will allow prosecutors to come forward if they have new credible and material evidence that an innocent person is serving in jail.

According to theGrio, four men were wrongfully convicted of murder even though credible evidence which proved the innocence of these men sent to the state investigators of North Carolina prosecutor but he never revealed it.

North Carolina State, in 2009, rejected the rule which is currently functioning in 13 states in the U.S. which allowed prosecutors to come forward if they find “new, credible and material evidence” that an innocent person is serving time. Presently, the Bar is reconsidering the rule, because these four men have been found not guilty of the crimes they were convicted of.

The four men and the fifth convict who pleaded guilty have been awarded a sum of $8 million from the Buncombe County for jailing them wrongfully.

However, it’s clear that Justice System is corrupt, so jurors prefer not to see anything that goes against convenient theory. All these prosecutors who convicted wrongfully innocent people must pay for this or face twice the same time period the people faced, if this was a hate crime.

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