Black Woman Likely Not To Receive Pension After Years Of Service

Former Navy supply officer, Syneeda Penland, accused of committing adultery, could lose pension for almost 20 years of service in military.

Penland explained in an interview with Fox 5 I-Team on Wednesday, May 18, that she was punished to serve 45 days in the brig and was kicked out of the navy just few months to her retirement.

In the early 2007s, a female Navy chief accused Penland, who was in charge of processing millions of dollars in the Gulf War expenditures, of having an affair with her husband Mark Wiggan, who was a junior Navy officer.

The former lieutenant commander Penland explained that she had mistakenly given Wiggan her camera to do some documentary that had pictures of her been naked with a man. Lt. Wiggan also had done similar thing but with a different woman.  And so, Wiggan’s wife saw their pictures mixed together on his laptop and accused Penland of committing adultery, despite the fact that Penland was single. In fact, there were no pictures showing Penland and Wiggan together being naked.

Yet the African-American woman was charged of adultery, making false statement and 2 other counts, even though a civilian testified and signed affidavit that he was in the photo with Penland.

It was never about the pictures,” Penland said.

During Penland’s term of office, she had questioned Navy officials at the Navy Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC), San Diego, about financial misconducts.

“Whether it’s adultery or whether it’s fraud, let’s let the public weigh. Which one is more important? 

A Navy admiral was caught having sex with an 18 year-old girl. He was demoted and he is allowed to retire from the service, but Penland was fired from the Navy.

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