White Americans Blame BLM Activist For Their Own Crimes

Manifesting your good intentions is a crime in America.

Needless to say, the Black community was left speechless since Jasmine Richards, the founder of Black Lives Matter’s Pasadena, faced accusations of “felony lynching”. In other words, she was charged with a crime historically committed by Whites who removed black inmates from the police custody in order to hang them. Well, Richards did something absolutely opposite to what is interpreted as the real lynching.

In reality, young activist stepped in to defend the black woman from racist police, which landed her in prison for 3 months. Please, note that the activist never became physically abusive. She only got into a verbal argument with police which wasn’t illegal.

Look how Whites attempt to shift the responsibility for their own crimes on to Black people. Thousands of Blacks died of lynching during slavery but not a single white man was indicted for those mass slaughters. It’s disgusting to call black people “lynchers” for their attempt to find a peaceful solution to the problem.

This is a deliberate attempt of authorities to prevent Black activists from gathering and voicing their concerns in public. This is a blatant suppression of democracy, which deprives us of the right to be the citizens recognized and respected as men and women.

Watch the video of the police encounter with Jasmine Richards:

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