Nine Black Parishioners’ Shooter, Dylann Roof Beaten In Jail

Dylann Roof, accused of the racially motivated massacre of nine African-American parishioners last year, was attacked and beaten Thursday by a Black inmate in a South Carolina jail.

South Carolina Officials are investigating how an inmate managed to assault Roof, who is charged with killing nine parishioners in what police said was a racially-motivated shooting at a Charleston church.

The attack on the young murderer took place on Thursday when a Black inmate in a high-security unit managed to get through his cell door. By that time, the 21-year-old was in the shower and was suddenly attacked and mercilessly beaten at around 7:45 a.m.

Although he was in protective custody, Roof was left to his fate at that very moment, because there was only one guard in the area instead of the usual two. The guard was busy getting something for another inmate and that allowed 25-year-old Dwayne Stafford to run down the stairs from his cell and assault Roof with his fists.

“The detention officer responded quickly and separated the two and the injuries that Roof received are relatively minor — some bruising around the face and the back. It appears he was struck with a fist and nothing more serious than that”, Charleston County Sheriff Al Cannon Jr. said.

Cannon claims Roof and his attorneys don’t want to press charges. Although the two detention officers assigned to the unit are being interviewed, officials also are looking into the possibility of an electronic malfunction. Sheriff further added that this was the first incident with Roof since he was jailed last June.

The attack brought praise on Twitter with calls for donations to Stafford’s jail commissary account and an increase in call time and food rations for the Black guy. Though such behaviors are not encouraged in our prisons we don’t express condemnation of it. It serves Roof right, he must bear the consequences of the evil he did.

Roof faces the death penalty for shooting nine people, including Rev. Clementa Pinckney, at the historic Black church, known as “Mother Emanuel” African Methodist Episcopal Church. After he was captured, Roof told authorities he wanted to start a race war with the killings, but all that he seems to have achieved is a war on himself.

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