White Fans Outraged over NBA Star’s Decision To Leave The Thunder

White fans, who think they owe players, are outraged over NBA star Kevin Durant’s decision to leave the Thunder to join the Golden State Warriors.

27-year-old Kevin Durant announced Monday, July 4, on ThePlayersTrinune his decision to leave the Thunder to join the Golden State Warriors. But some of Durant’s white fans are furious over his decision, setting fire on his NBA basketball jerseys.

Durant explained to fans reasons why he’s moving on to the next chapter in his career.

The primary mandate I had for myself in making this decision was to have it based on the potential for my growth as a player — as that has always steered me in the right direction. But I am also at a point in my life where it is of equal importance to find an opportunity that encourages my evolution as a man: moving out of my comfort zone to a new city and community which offers the greatest potential for my contribution and personal growth. With this in mind, I have decided that I am going to join the Golden State Warriors,” he wrote.

One of Durant’s many white fans, Jacob Puma, posted on Twitter a video of him burning his basketball jersey. Another Twitter user, Nick Medina, also posted a video, burning Durant’s jersey.

The most annoying thing is that some of these white fans think about black payers as slaves on a plantation and every time Blacks act as free people, they express anger and misunderstanding.

Can’t a black man be independent for a day? Blacks are not worse than white people, they demand equality.

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