DeRay McKesson sues Baton Rouge Police Officials for Civil Rights Violation

“Defendants used excessive force in attacking, battering, beating and assaulting plaintiffs and class members without provocation or the need for defense,” the suit reads.

One death that has gone down in the history books of the Black community is Alton Sterling’s brutal killing. And the worst thing about it is that his racist murderers were dressed in police uniform. To show the grievance of the Black community over the incident a protest was organized.

The peaceful protest ended up sourly as the police rendered their displeasure on the unarmed and innocent protesters. On that fateful day, more than 200 people were detained by the police. DeRay McKesson, a staunch activist of the Black Lives Matter was among those, who were detained and brutalized.

Mckesson was arrested July 9 near police headquarters on charges of obstructing a highway and was manhandled. In light of this, he filed a lawsuit, which claims that the police used excessive force in attacking, battering, beating and assaulting him and other protest members without provocation or the need for defense.

Black Matters really supports the course of justice DeRay seeks to have, we also applaud him for the good step taken. We praise him for such a remarkable action, but it would have been much more helpful and productive if he also aided in defending the rights of at least one of the victim’s families and helped to throw one of the killer cops in jail.

Though DeRay may have suffered during detention or his long stay in jail, his losses were minute as compared to other activists’.

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