Sanders Supporters Endorse ‘Clinton Cash’ Movie At DNC Rally

“It’s a movie. It’s about Hillary Clinton. And it’s free, they’re not even charging you to see the truth,” a Bernie Sanders supporter says to a crowd.

Sanders supporter at the “Black Men for Bernie” rally, near the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, encouraged concerned citizens to watch the ‘Clinton Cash’ movie, which tells the story of how a family of presidential candidates earns their “modest pennies” on their luxurious existence.

“Watch the movie Clinton Cash”, claimed one of the Black Men for Bernie speakers, adding, “the next time one of [Hillary Clinton’s] people run in your face, you say, ‘You need to check this out.”

“We need to start waking them up also,” he further stated about Hillary Clinton supporters, “just like we’ve been woken up.

The Clinton Cash documentary, which has stormed the internet with over 1.1 million views, will be available online for free. It exposes global corruption in the Clinton Foundation. The 105-minute documentary uncovers records of high speaking fees to Bill Clinton and how Hillary Clinton squandered money to support her foundation, while she served as Secretary of State.

The speaker for ‘Black Men for Bernie’ at DNC rally insisted that every Clinton supporter should watch this documentary.

Despite the impressive wealth the Clintons have, they cannot deny the opportunity to show hypocrisy and portray themselves as a poor family. Sanders, unlike Clinton, is doing everything unselfishly, not stuffing the pockets under the guise of noble ideas.

Clinton family will hardly ever realize the problems of Black communities because rich politicians care only about elite which can bring them some profit and financial support.

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