Black Teen Shot Dead By Chicago Cop: Body Camera Failed To Record

“These police officers decided, for whatever reason, they were going to play judge, jury, and executioner,” attorney for O’Neal’s family says.

18-year-old Paul O’Neal, a graduate from high school met his untimely death at the negligence of some three cops. The unarmed Black teen was shot by Chicago police officers for allegedly driving a stolen car.

According to the Chicago Tribune, O’Neal was shot on Thursday at about 7:30 p.m. by a Chicago police officer who suspected him of car theft. Reports say he crushed an alleged stolen car into two police cruisers and fled the scene. Dashboard camera footage disclosed that two officers shot at the Black teen while he was yet in the car.

O’Neal sensing danger got out of the car and began to run for his life. A third police officer chased him and shot him in the back, killing him like a dog. Apparently, the officer aimed the shot to kill the Black teen. Paul O’Neal died of gunshots wounds at the back.

Unfortunately, the body camera of the officer who shot him was at the time turned off so the actual incidence which led to his death wasn’t captured on camera. O’Neal’s death has since been declared a homicide by the Cook County Medical Examiner.

A preliminary investigation has since been initiated to look into the matter and also to ascertain why the officer’s body camera was turned off at the time of the shooting.But the excuse given by the police was that the officers apparently didn’t know how to use the body cameras correctly. Although the three officers have since been placed on administrative leave with pay, it is more likely they are going to get away with murder as it happened in these cases before.

According to CBS News, the family of O’Neal has filed a federal lawsuit against the officers who killed the high school graduate. The lawsuit accuses officers of battery, using excessive force and murder.

“Paul O’Neal’s constitutional rights were violated,” attorney Michael Oppenheimer said during a press conference held close to the spot the Black teen was killed. He further added, “These police officers decided, for whatever reason, they were going to play judge, jury, and executioner.”

These irresponsible and barbaric acts by the cops need to be brought to a halt. They seem to be over-protected by their authorities so think they can freely get away with crimes such as these. We must all continue to rise up against this awful brutality by law enforcement. It is simply unacceptable by all standards.

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