Where Is The Hope And Change After 2 Consecutive Terms?

Obama did not run on “yes, we can (if I have a Congress to my liking)” or “hope and change (if the 2010 midterm elections go my way)”.

For eight good years, African-Americans hoped for a change that was once promised to them by the nation’s first Black president, Barack Obama. A change for good, that racism, police violence against Black people, injustice and economic inequality will all be abolished.

Many citizens believed that the Obama presidency would have improved race relations. It was a time when the country had just woken up from a nightmare of Hurricane Katrina and the unending war in Iraq and the economy was creeping from the ground. Much was expected to be done in order to tackle the crises of poverty and security.

African-Americans entrusted President Obama with enthusiasm, twice, that he will put an end to the massive incarceration and killings on innocent Black men and women, but was disappointing to realize that he was not the president for Black America.

As years passed by, these hopes were shredded because the president couldn’t live up to his promises. Just after President Obama’s reelection in 2012, Black unemployment sky-rocketed to 14% while “38% of Black children lived in extreme poverty”.

At the later end of an eight-year reign of the first Black president, Black Americans have become even more frustrated than before, which is why Black Lives Matter, the last cry of despair of Black America, is needed to bring awareness to police brutality, injustice and inequality in communities.

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