Iowa Employee Losses Job After An Offensive Facebook Post

The Iowa Department of Public Safety has condemned statements made by Amy Pollpeter.

Army Pollpeter, a criminalist of Iowa’s Department of Public Safety, on July 8 took to her Facebook page to post some views many people deem offensive. The long-serving Division of Criminal Investigation officer used her social network as a platform to attack the BLM and Black Americans in general.

A portion of her distasteful text reads, “Yes, not every black person is going to shoot me because I look at them wrong, or because I happen to be attending a training so I’m wearing a DCI shirt that day — but I know that there is a stronger chance that they will today than they would have 5 years ago.”

Pollpeter’s grievance seemed to be in connection with the Dallas shooting, which resulted in the death of  five police officers. She blamed BLM for the brutality against  police. But the founder the BLM publicly came out to denounce the act and clearly stated that the movement was for justice, equality and peace.

Moreover, according to police reports, the Dallas sniper revealed that he wasn’t affiliated with any group.

Reports by The Des Moines Register indicate that the department has fired Pollpeter. The Iowa’s Department of Public Safety further stated that the employee’s action breached the organization’s social media and general conduct policies and that served the basis for her termination. The state department detached itself from Pollpeter’s comment, claiming that it doesn’t in any way represent the entire view of the department.

People like Amy Pollpeter are dogmatic and do not deserve to occupy any position in the justice system . Such people are also not fit for testifying on behalf of the state due to their bias. Moreover, with regard to her reputation as a criminalist people take her words as absolute truth. Thus her posts might contribute into carving a negative image of Black people.

During the negotiations, Dallas sniper claimed he was not a BLM member – it is a well- known fact, so Pollpeter blames him just for having the same color of skin with protesters. She’s no better than this shooter, who blamed the entire white race as she blames all blacks.

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