Shocking: Manslaughter-Charge Against Florida Police Deputy Dismissed

“This case involves the tragic death of one man and the liberty of another. It is complete travesty and miscarriage of justice,” David Schoen, McBean family attorney said.

Circuit Judge Michael Usan has ruled in favor of suspended Deputy Peter Peraza of the Broward Sheriff’s Office. The suspended Deputy sought dismissal of the manslauhghter case under the pretext of “Stand Your Ground” self-defense law. This is a law that urges officers on the self defense spree and eliminates retreats when facing dire threats.

This was a case against a Florida Police Deputy who claimed self-defense in the 2014 fatal shooting of a 33-year-old Black man carrying what turned out to be an air rifle. Jermaine McBean, the victim as described by 911 callers was seen carrying a rifle, possibly a shotgun, down a busy street in broad daylight.

As a blatant lie, on the arrival of the police, it was claimed that Jermaine refused commands from the officers to drop the “authentic-looking weapon” and rather turned and pointed it toward the officers that led to Peraza firing three shots at the innocent Black computer engineer killing Stewart instantly.

Now, nearly two year later, it turns out the police told multiple lies in attempt to cover up their killing of McBean.  Rather, Jermaine McBean, a computer engineer had only picked up a paid $100 BB camouflage gun at his local pawn shop.  And as he walked to his home with his headphones on, listening to music, he was shot and killed by police in Oakland Park, Florida. He never at any point Police ignored the requests of any officers to put down his empty weapon which subsequently led to his death.

Jermaine McBean and the Corey Jones manslaughter cases among others are cases that had judgments in favor of the culprits with the untold primary reason that the victims are Black. This is gross injustice at its peak shown to Black people in the U.S.

The manslaughter charge which carried a potential 30-year prison sentence has been seen to be downplayed basically for the reason that the victim involved is a Black man. But the family attorney of the deceased, David Schoen says the ruling will be appealed.

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