Black Woman Tears Up Upon Seeing Racist Words Written On Her Property

Maria Frias-Russell recorded a terrifying video after seeing her car and shed vandalized with hate words.

The Black Indiana woman woke up to a disgusting sight in her compound. Someone had painted her SUV and shed with hate words. The terrified Black woman filmed her reaction and posted it on her Facebook page.

In the video, Frias-Russell could be seen fighting to hold back her tears after witnessing the aftermath of the racist vandalism. In a frightened voice, she said, “I woke up this morning to this, I’m scared.” She added, “I don’t have any friends out here so I don’t know who could’ve done this.”

The touching but worrying video has since been viewed by 6 million people and shared 134,000 times. Some Facebook users have then discerned heavily on the traumatized Black woman and called her “attention seeker”.

Contrarily, Brandi Nicole Dimas told the Daily Dot that she was the one responsible for making the video go viral. She said she shared it on social media. She also added, “They vandalized her house and her vehicle to no repair, and for people to accuse her of doing this herself is unreal.”

The marshal of Campbellsburg, Claude Combs also condemned the act saying, “This kind of stuff is not right, it’s not tolerable and when we find out who did it, they will be charged criminally.”

This story is a perfect reflection of the situation in modern America. Knowing that she cannot entrust her safety into the hands of the police Frias-Russel and any other Black person have all reasons to be frightened. Racism can be found not only in writings on sheds and cars; it has walked inside many homes. All the country bears the disgusting stigma of hatred and intolerance.

We all cry together with this lady, as racism is everywhere and what happened to her may happen to anyone.

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