Virginia Firefighter Refused Ice For A Black Boy With Nosebleed; Mother Claims

“My son comes back and says the firefighter told me I can’t get any ice, it’s for their personal use,” Stacey Claiborne, mother of the Black boy recounts the bizarre incident.

Currently, a municipal fire department in Virginia is under investigations following the allegation of a Black nurse, Stacey Claiborne who claimed an officer refused her ice to help stop her son’s nosebleed.

Claiborne narrated that, she was driving with her two sons in the city of Petersburg, Virginia when she realized that her 11-year-old son was bleeding from the nose, ABC reports. The Black mother of two had some hope of getting assistance upon noticing a fire station nearby.
She further said that she pulled over at the fire station and asked her oldest son to go get some ice from the fire station so she could use it to stop her younger son’s nosebleed. But to her surprise, the boy came back and said he was refused the ice. She said; “My son comes back and says the firefighter told me I can’t get any ice, it’s for their personal use.”

The Black mother couldn’t come to terms with the situation so she decided to go get the ice herself. “I met with a different firefighter. I asked can I get some ice? My son is having a bad nosebleed. I just need the ice to get his nosebleed under control. So he said, ‘Sure ma’am, I will get it for you,’” Claiborne illustrated her interaction with the firefighter.

The other firefighter who had refused her son help previously came around again and prevented the other one from helping them. He said, “I said don’t give her no ice. Go out to the car and find out what’s really going on,” Claiborne said.

After several minutes of no assurance of help from the firefighters, the Black mother decided to leave the station and got back to her car. She further said, “So when I chose to leave, the firefighter that was going to give me with the ice said ma’am, I’m sorry. I really was going to give you the ice. He looked intimidated by his commander. I guess he was following a direct order.”

Stacey Claiborne said she believes she was denied help because of her skin color. She said, “I hate to say it, and I hate to call a spade a spade, but as the children say, it is what it is,” she said. “It is the truth. I felt like it was a racial thing.”

Claiborne has since reported the case to the municipal officials and investigations are ongoing to ascertain the truth of the matter.
It is a shame how people put color first before their responsibility to humanity. I usually wonder how such folks find themselves in positions like this. Was he thinking he was only going to serve White people? If that was the case then he didn’t have any business being where he is now. This firefighter must be brought to book.

It’s very dangerous to have such heartless people in public service. Until we stop seeing each other through the prism of race, we aren’t going to become that peaceful and united nation we all desire.

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