Clinton’s VP Choice: More Harm Than Good

Hillary Clinton has declared Senator Tim Kane as her vice presidential running mate last Friday during a rally organized in Miami.

The Democrat Presidential candidate’s choice of VP was welcomed with excitement by supporters gathered at the rally rounds. But amidst the thrills by party supporters, some analysts have described her decision as a “vision killer” so far as winning the votes of Black Americans remains paramount to her victory.

Report by the Reuters indicates that the 58-year-old Sen. Tim Kane was a keen advocate for an initiative launched by Bill Clinton’s administration in 1997 which was named, Project Exile. This initiative by the government made it a federal crime for anyone to possess a gun illegally. As a result of this, many Black people were convicted and put behind bars in far away federal prisons; serving a minimum of a 5-year jail sentence.

The co-founder of Campaign Zero, Sinyangwe said, “To select somebody like (Kaine) is not a sign of good leadership potential in a president.” He added that Clinton’s decision could thwart her effort to gain African Americans vote.

Nicole Lee, an African-American civil rights lawyer said in his statement that the Project Exile was a mechanism used by Bill Clinton’s administration to disintegrate Black families. He further stated that “This is not a benign thing to be for. These measures were not used against white kids in the suburbs with guns; they were used against Black kids in the cities.”

Hillary Clinton herself has come under series of criticisms to have supported her husband during his tenure of office as the president of the U.S.A, enforce measures which saw the imprisonment of many young Black Americans.

Subsequently, her choice of a vice presidential running mate only seems to deepen the wounds inflicted on Black Americans. We can then conclude that the whole trio believes that the best place for Black people is the prison. Unfortunately, Hilary Clinton can’t get the nod of the Black community if she doesn’t seem to stand for equality; which she has made quite obvious in her choice of VP.

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