Your Voices: Teachers Or Wardens

Education is the most important part of socialization, but teachers should not be wardens of youths.

TEACHERS should get a roster, have no prejudices, understand each and every child come with individual differences and experiences.

TEACHERS should do either 1 or 2 things, CONTINUE BUILDING upon a solid foundation or begin the seed planting of the MIGHTY OAKS within.

TEACHERS should know that IF THERE IS A PROFESSION, each and everyone of those babies have what it takes to grow into that PROFESSION intrinsically.

TEACHERS allow for error, encourage growth, nurture the inquisitive, feel empowered by the keen one, not see their poverty (WHERE THEY ARE) and validate it as (WHO THEY ARE).

TEACHERS facilitates and allow learning to take place naturally.

TEACHERS aren’t afraid to ask students for help.

TEACHERS see possibility, purpose and promise in EVERY child.

TEACHERS that is intuitively engaged know off the back when students are out of character and need that one on one.

TEACHERS should not be MORE concerned in room decor, curriculum, lesson planning than the students and their family.

TEACHERS light flames and watch the forest catch ablaze.

TEACHERS release her budding eagles out to soar.

TEACHERS KNOW her students can and will.

TEACHERS have standards and expectations raised so high that her students know day one that they are expected to reach them, and will.


Wardens: MONITOR, OVERSEE, SUPERVISE, GUARD AND BE A GATE KEEPER to those who are dressed alike, in shackles, minds warped, robotically moving, and dignity, humanity and will have been stripped.

wardens: People paid to stand before our inner city children in America Schools.

I AM A TEACHER and not a warden.

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