Victim Of Police Shooting Files Federal Lawsuit

Dominiq Greer stands against police brutality.

In July 2014 Dominiq Greer was involved into a police chase, which left him with seven gunshot wounds, though he insists he didn’t pose an immediate threat to anyone.

Greer didn’t commit any serious crime, he was just stopped by the officers, got frightened (as many black people would) and started to flee. He also had a gun with him, which he tried to throw away while running.

According to Greer, his behavior didn’t please the officers and they fired 3 shots into his back and 4 shots more when he was already lying on the ground. Bullets hit his right arm, left arm, right leg, left toe, back and chest.

Greer and his attorney think police used excessive force. They are completely sure in it because the video of the incident was at first not included into the list of materials concerning police brutality opened by Chicago police for investigation.

Greer considers himself a victim, he filed a federal lawsuit demanding $15 million in damages. He is also brave enough to openly speak out against police and government.

“The police, they’re really the gang,” the 25-year-old told journalists. “They run the street right now. They do what they want to do.”

“The mayor said he wants to be transparent,” his attorney added. “Why don’t we put all of the [videos] online?”

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