High School Apologizes After Student Robes as KKK For Class Project

A Michigan High school faces public criticisms after making a student dress as KKK all in the name of a class project.

ABC 57 News reported that Administrators of Niles High School, Michigan, are facing public criticisms prior to a study presentation which ended up with a student dressed in a KKK costume. According to the administrators “The student was dressed up as part of the presentation on racism and its history.” The natives who know the history of KKK became discontent with that performance.

Pastor of Mount Calvary Baptist Church Bryant Bacon, who is also a prominent figure in the community, in an interview with abc57 News said, “You look at all the different things that’s going on around the country already with race relations, and you don’t think that you’d have to be dealing with that kind of stuff here.” “When you see that, it kind of raises some questions about what’s really going on around here,” Pastor Bacon added.

However, much expectation on better education about such unfortunate acts should be given in order not to be repeated in our high schools. There are several ways of teaching history rather than performing it in such a manner. Teachers should be more competent at addressing issues of this nature in order not to create tension.

ABC 57 News reported that the school released a statement of apology for the inappropriateness and insensitive use of props and costumes and that an investigation is ongoing.

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