LeGrier Family Adds Hate Crime To Lawsuit Against Chicago Cop

Chicago cop, who fatally shot 19-year-old Black teen, is being charged with hate crime after series of racist text messages is found on his phone.

The family of Quintonio LeGrier added hate crime to their lawsuit Against Chicago cop Robert Rialmo, after finding out that the officer sent a racially charged message to a friend.

Worked with scotty last night,” one text message read on Dec. 16. “U get any niggas?,” the friend asked. “Sort of lol…long story,” Rialmo replied.

It was just a day after Christmas when Rialmo responded to a 911 call from LeGrier, requesting help at his father’s house. Rialmo, upon arrival, immediately opened fire, shooting LeGrier six times along with a bystander, Bettie Jones.

Rialmo was sued for wrongful death of an innocent and harmless teen, but after the discovery of his racist text conversations, the family added hate crime to the suit. The suit states that Rialmo shot and killed LeGrier because he was Black and that the officer “thought it was humorous to characterize people as ‘niggas.’”

These messages once again show, how deep the racism rooting among police officers is, but other proves like the use of excessive force and numerous police brutality accidents are much more frightening. The only way to prevent such incidents from happening is to equal them to hate crimes, the same way it is offered for crimes against police. If it’s not done, soon there will be no one to call for help when in trouble, because the officers are getting dangerously choosy when protecting citizens.

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