Black Men Vs White Men: Who Is More Attentive To Their Children?

A 3-year study by the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) defies stereotypes of many black fathers.

Most often, people are quick to stereotype African-American fathers to not caring or paying much attention to their children as compared to White fathers.

The NCHS has released some new statistics which proves that out of 10 African-American fathers, 7 are most likely to be very personal with their children. They most of the times help their wives to bath, dress, feed and diaper children. But for Whites, statistics show that only 6 out of 10 will get that much involved with their children.

Fatherhood for a young man, especially a young Black man, is incredibly important simply because it gives us a sense of strength in a world in which everybody seems to be against you. It breaks crippling stereotypes and strengthens the African-American family,” said Darius Bego, a 23-year-old father who is a student at the University of South Carolina.

He went on to say that, “most of all, having a father provides a great example of what it’s like to be strong man in a world that grows increasingly dangerous and challenging for a Black man. And when fathers instill such strength and wisdom into each of their children it strengthens the community as a whole for each generation.”

Jennifer Allen, 40, from LA agrees that a father can influence the life of his growing daughter.

Young females without fathers can tend to be promiscuous and lost about love. This causes them to look and search for the lost love that’s been missing from the Black father,” she said. “They end up with somebody who doesn’t love them. A father that is home is special and should be. My father wasn’t home, but for some reason I could talk to him and tell him stuff that I couldn’t tell my mom. When a Black father is home he is truly the definition of a backbone and a protector.

This makes us understand how black fathers have helped in raising responsible young women and men by their true actions and not what others perceive them to be.

Black people are the most prejudiced group in American society. As for black fathers they often are perceived as irresponsible and not caring about their own children. But in many cases stereotypes about blacks don’t portray the truth, as has been elaborated in this story.

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