Mother Of Two Black Boys Takes Step To End Police Brutality

Depelsha McGruder, a mom of two Black boys and an entertainment executive residing in Brooklyn, N.Y. became fed up with living in fear and anxiety over her children’s safety. This motivated her to join forces with other Black moms, who find themselves in a similar position to take steps towards the end of police brutality against Blacks in America.

Studies have revealed that generally Black boys lose the acuity of innocence in society by the age of 10. At this age they are perceived to be overly aggressive and harmful especially by law enforcement. This situation hence gives them the burden of trying not to be seen as too threatening since it could cost them their lives.

They are deprived of the joy and fun normal children of their age experience.

For this reason Depelsha McGruder constantly lived in fear of losing her children until she courageously took a step. Her inspiration to act came as a result of the fatal police shooting of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile in Baton Rouge and Minnesota respectively.

The Brooklyn entertainment executive created a Facebook page, which she called MOBB – Mothers of Black Boys. In her first post on the page she said, “I am starting this group today because I don’t know what else to do.” She went on to emphasize that she needed sympathy and support of other moms, who would understand her quandary and in less than 24hrs the total number of the members on the page grew to 21,000.

Since then the number has increased exponentially to about 70,000. The leader of the group stated that they had plans to use all-around tactics to address the issue of police brutality and killing of their children and husbands.

Such initiative is good and very important as mothers will be able to help each other through this union. We welcome the idea as it also provides a tool to kick against police violence, but sharing worries is not enough to prevent the deaths of black youth. These mothers have already joined in the fight against injustice and now they can add their voices and efforts to attract the required attention to the problem, then the deaths of their sons won’t be in the news round the clock and we won’t need all these hashtags and slogans anymore.

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