Should ‘Blue Lives’ Matter More Than Black Lives?

Louisiana, Florida, Wisconsin and Kentucky introduce laws protecting police officers from hate crimes, providing additional penalties for targeting law enforcement.

The battle for police accountability took a heavy hit recently, as three states once again demonstrated their support for the police over the citizens. They introduced a law detailing further protection for law enforcement, creating special conditions of punishment for hate crimes against law enforcement. This is despite the cry of the masses that more laws should be put in place to make law enforcement more accountable.

Milwaukee county sheriff, David A. Clarke, Jr. gave a speech at the recent Republican National Convention. He started it by saying, “Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to make something very clear: Blue lives matter in America.”

Mr. Clarke, who is Black himself, perhaps thought we were not aware of that fact, and so he found it necessary to remind us about this new form of supremacy.

The fact has been made painfully obvious over the years:  in America ‘blue lives’ matter more than other lives. Mr. Clarke and the government see police officers as a special class, being above all the other existing classes.

It would seem since he is also a part of law enforcement, he cares more about his privileges and not losing them than about standing with his kin and fighting for what is right: equality. The ‘Blue lives matter’ slogan he champions is a direct rebuff of the black lives matter movement, the government’s way of saying black lives matter less.

In the same speech he hailed the acquittal of Lt. Brian Rice, who was involved in Freddie Gray’s case, calling his prosecution malicious. Mr. Clarke is totally blind to the reality of America: the country has given too much power to law enforcement and until some of that power is taken back, equality cannot be achieved. So despite his Blackness Mr. Clarke prefers to continue his illogical and insensitive attacks on the Black lives matter movement not caring about for equality and accountability; he would rather retain his privilege as a ‘blue blood’ at our expense.

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