Photo Of Stunning BLM Lady Protester Goes Viral

Thousands of people took to the streets in the Unites States and some cities in Europe to show support for the BLM movement through peaceful protests.

For the past few days, several protests staged by sympathizers of the Black community have made major headlines in the media. The world witnessed numerous people march on the streets of America and some parts of Europe in solidarity with the BLM group to step forward against police brutality.

However, the protest was coupled with the arrest of over 100 people. Several others were pepper-sprayed and aggressively handled by the police during these protests which also resulted in some feedback from the protestors.

Nonetheless, violence is not the answer, but peaceful protests might finally draw the attention of the authorities to take adequate steps to end these barbaric acts and racism issues. The continuous silence of the Black community only saw the situation becoming worse by the day.  Now is the time for them to stand up and speak out.

The young Black lady in the image above depicts the very mood and intention of the protests; a peaceful and courageous one. The image was captured by Reuters photographer Jonathan Bachman. According to him, the unidentified lady was among the people arrested for refusing to leave an area highway.

Bachman narrated that, the Atlantic police who were fully dressed in their riot gear were moving the protesters of the Airline highway to the side of the road when he spotted the young lady calmly standing and refusing to move. Report by the New York Daily indicates that the unidentified Black lady was released in the late hours of Sunday.

This is a perfect example of peaceful protest. This beautiful girl shows us that you don’t have act violent to be noticed and heard.

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