White Teacher Arrested For Slapping Black Student Multiple Times

An East Texas high school teacher was arrested on Friday after a video showed multiple slaps on a black student.

According to FOX4Beaumont, an Ozen High School teacher, Mary Hastings was arrested on Friday for striking a black student several times in the face. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Officer who instigated the arrest said Hastings has been charged with assault after the incident.

Hastings did not only slap this student multiple times, she also verbally assaulted this black young student, by calling him “idiot a**.”

The white Ozen High school teacher has been relieved off her duties as soon as the video went viral and investigation is underway.

It’s really unfortunate how white teachers treat black kids. These assaults on black student are creating an unconducive environment for them to study, but white teachers do see this. If you are black skinned in class, white teachers feel you are not better for anything.

Discrimination in schools should be stopped. This is a perfect example of white teachers’ hate towards black students.

Take a look at the video below.


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