The Media’s Continued War on #Blacklivesmatter

In true American fashion the media has been trying to link the violent confrontation between cops and Sergeant Gavin Long with the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

Just weeks after a petition was filed calling the White House to name the Black Lives Matter movement a terrorist organization the mainstream media has jumped on the tragedy that took place in Baton Rouge on Sunday to perpetuate that propaganda.

On July 17, at 8:40 A.M, officers responded to a dispatch call of an armed individual dressed in black at the Hammond Aire Plaza, The New Times reported. They walked into an ambush and after 10 minutes three officers were dead and three more injured. The shooter was later identified as Sergeant Gavin James.

The media has since been relentless in the attempt to link Gavin Long to the Black Lives Matter movement or other pro-black movements, even though all evidence seems to show that he acted independently. Governor John Bel Edwards has used words such as “pure unadulterated evil” to describe the incident. No such outrage has ever been heard when authorities spoke about the numerous Black citizens killed by police.

Gavin Eugene Long is alleged to be a former U.S Marine having served at least one tour in Iraq. He was by all accounts a lawful citizen until his anger at law enforcement pushed him too far. He served his country in the army, but America ultimately abandoned him.

The fanfare surrounding the incident is once more a display of how the life of cops is valued higher than that of regular citizens. The country continues to condemn his action, seemingly content in ignoring the fact that the systematic oppression, which people like Long face, drove him to act out in anger.

Since it is not a case, when a cop shot a Black person, there has been no attempt to demonize the victims. The dead cops are being praised as heroes by the government; no such praise was ever bestowed on Philando Castile. It seems that when the truth does not help the government in pushing their agenda they distort it. The recent effort of the mainstream media in wrenching the facts about Gavin Long proves that but our mission is to tell the truth anyway. They cannot manipulate us as long as we do not believe the lies they tell.

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