BLM Organizer Speaks On Police Terrorism In Black Communities

Police are “operating as an occupying force” in Black community, says Melina Abdullah, Black Lives Matter Organizer.

Melina Abdullah, Black Lives Matter organizer and California State University Professor and head of Pan-African Studies, spoke in an interview Monday, July 11, about police terrorizing Black communities instead of protecting them.

Nearly 120 Black people have been killed by law enforcement this year, Abdullah said, and the officers continue to terrorize Black people by using excessive force against them. The police treat Black Americans like enemy soldiers.

In response to the recent tragedy of four African-Americans killed by police officers in one week, Abdullah said, the Black community “is and has been under the assault, under kind of the occupation of police who are operating as an occupying force, rather than a force that is supposed to protect and serve all of the people.”

She explained that the BLM movement was founded with the aim of ending police violence against Black people and that the slogan “Black Lives Matter” doesn’t mean that other lives don’t matter. “The group believes in non-violent direct action”, she said.

Abdullah further said that “it’s really important that we value life”, whether Black lives or blue lives and by so doing, we make a better place to live.

To end the police war on Black people, the government needs to reform the entire police force.

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