Twitter Debate Erupts Over Whether Or Not Nelly Created Drake

Debate over careers of Nelly and Drake put Twitter on fire today

Much of the debate focused on whether Nelly’s success opened up a lane for an artist like Drake. The pro-Nelly side argued that it clearly did while the pro-Drake crowd downplayed the impact on Drizzy’s career.
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There was also lots of arguments about who was more successful in this debate. Drake’s supporters used the relative brevity of Nelly’s run along with Drake’s sustained years of dominance as evidence of him having the superior run in the music industry.

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Nelly’s defenders pointed to his incredible run in the early 2000s as well as his Country Grammar LP becoming the ninth rap album to be certified diamond.

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So what do you think about this debate? Who is right there? You can’t deny both artists deserve every compliment they get. However, no matter what you think, such discussions are good for black culture.


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